Live better everyday.
I'm from a small town in Minnesota

I like to talk about real things, and get to the heart of an issue. No small talk!

I wanted to be two things growing up: A Chef like Emerald Lugosi or Renovate Houses like Bob Villa. 

I graduated from St. Johns University in 2011, and took my first "real job" in Management Consulting. It was a great way to start, but I quickly realized I didn't find the passion here. 

I doubled my salary with every new job, but I recognized quickly that chasing the money wasn't the key to happiness. But being broke wasn't fun either!

Many moons later, after multiple industries and a few businesses or side hustles later I had to get back to the core desires. What do I want in my life?

Real estate was a topic that kept surfacing every few months. So I decided I had to take the leap. 

I listened to every Podcast, Book, Mentor and speaker I could find. I needed to learn everything I could as fast as I could. I still do that to this day. 

Two years later we've bought and sold 150 properties in two states. Renovated many of them. And built a wonderful team, who's all working towards are mutual success. 

My mission in life is to "Help others live a better life everyday", while having fun and making money. I feel like I'm well on my way. 

Grateful for what I've learned and for all the fun that is ahead. 

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